I cook a ton over on my instagram – here are some of the recipes I use

Fried Chicken Sandwich

Five ingredient fried chicken from Serious Eats

Potato buns from Livia Sweets

Garlic aioli from Epicurious

Roasted Pork Belly

Momofuku Pork Belly from Epicurious

The recipe calls for cooking the pork belly for 60 minutes @ 450F before doing 1h, 1h15 @ 250F, I ended up cooking for 45 minutes @ 450F as I found my oven would char the outside just a bit too much for my liking, your mileage may vary.

Dan Dan Noodles

Recipe video from J. Kenji Lopez-Alt. Didn’t have any pickled mustard stem or sauerkraut, so I just topped with peanuts + some spinach steamed in the microwave for 30s.

Pork Belly Fried Rice

Fried rice tips from this reddit post

Used broccoli + carrots as my base vegetables, added in some chopped up canned pineapple and the roasted pork belly, chopped up. Topped with white pepper + sesame oil.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Recipe from Serious Eats

Butter Chicken

Recipe from Serious Eats

Matcha Brownies

Blondie recipe from BraveTart, substituting 1-1 malted milk powder for matcha powder. These were so so so good.


Brownie recipe from BraveTart.

No Knead Bread

Recipe video from J. Kenji Lopez-Alt.

Beef Gyudon

Recipe video from J. Kenji Lopez-Alt.


Recipe video from Binging with Babish.

Carrot Cake

Carrot cake recipe from BraveTart. Be warned, this is a very involved recipe, took me probably 5 hours start to finish.

Cheddar Scallion Biscuits

Recipe from Serious Eats. The recipe doesn’t explicitly call for scallion or cheese, but I just threw them in.

Chicken Katsu + Japanese Curry

Chicken katsu recipe from Serious Eats.

Japanese curry recipe from Just One Cookbook.

Thai Red Curry

I actually don’t remember what recipe I used for this one, but this one from Recipe Tin Eats seems pretty good. I just added some frozen shrimp to the dish and ommitted the things I didn’t have/didn’t feel like adding.

Chocolate Cupcakes

One bowl Devil’s foodcake recipe from BraveTart, made into cupcakes, and topped with whipped cream (also from BraveTart).

Mussels with Chorizo

Chorizo + mussels loosely based on this recipe from Epicurious. I didn’t have any fennel and I used canned tomatoes instead of cherry tomatoes, and I think I added some oregano as well. Style it up however you like!


Recipe from Bon Appetit. I’ve made their no-knead foccacia before as well as this one, and I think this one turned out much better personally.

Lemon Bars

Recipe from Serious Eats. These were super super good and pretty easy to make.

Lofthouse Cookies

Recipe from BraveTart. Some of the softest, tastiest cookies you’ll ever eat.


Recipe from Serious Eats. I just bought some refrigerated Chinese noodles from T&T which were wonderful. You can make your own noodles for this but it isn’t really worth the effort. XO sauce also from T&T.

Ramen Noodles

Recipe from Serious Eats. These were really tasty but really time consuming and honestly I’d rather just buy them from T&T for regular weeknight cooking. Fun weekend project though!


Recipe from BraveTart. These were so soft and delicious and I “accidentally” made them enormous.


Recipe from BudgetBytes.

Malasadas with Blueberry Compote

Recipe from Rasa Malaysia.

Blueberry compote from Epicurious.

These were immensely tasty and pretty straightforward to make, highly highly recommend. Do note that the original recipe makes 2 dozen malasadas, which might be a lot for one or two people (but what do I know, live your best doughnut life).

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